Rite Pros, Inc have partnered with Interplan Systems, Inc Headquartered in Washington, DC to provide Immigration services for United States and Canada.

Interplan Systems, Inc. is a ‘Vietnam-Era' Veteran Owned company specializing in Government Contracts Consulting, Door Opening, Litigation Support, Corporate Legal Consulting, Immigration Support, and Free Trade Agreement Consulting Services to their Government and private sector customers. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and having offices in downtown Washington DC; San Diego, California; and Toronto, Canada, IPS has successfully served over 600 clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific Region.

IPS is comprised of the following four Business Units:

  • Government Practice Division
  • Litigation and Corporate Legal Support Division
  • Immigration Support Division
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Consulting Division

Each of the Business Units (BU) employs lawyers, Government Contract Specialists, paralegals, and FTA Consultants who have several years of relevant experience in the fields of Government Contracts, Contract Management, FAR and CFR compliance, proposal development, Facilitation and Focus Group Interviews, Proposal Evaluation and Source Selection, Immigration Law and all aspects of Free Trade Agreements. The fact that we enjoy more than 80% repeat orders from our clients is a clear testament to the success which our clients have enjoyed, as a result of their association with us.

IPS lawyers and paralegals provide immigration services to our clients in the following areas:

Non-Immigrant Petitions

  • B-1/B-2 Classification
  • E-1 and E-2 Visas (Treaty Traders and Investors)
  • E-3 Visa (Australian Citizens)
  • H-1/H-4
  • H-2B
  • J-1 Visa (Exchange Visitors)
  • K-1 and K-3 Visa (Fiancées and Spouses of U.S. Citizens)
  • L-1 and L-2 Visa
  • O and P Visa for Athletes, Artists, and Entertainers
  • R-1 and R-2 Visa for Religious Workers
  • TN-1 and TN-2 (NAFTA Visa for Canadian and Mexican Citizens)

Immigrant Petitions

  • Through Permanent Labor Certifications (PERM)
  • Employment Based Permanent Residence Petitions: EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, and EB-5
    • National Interest Waiver
    • Outstanding Researchers/Professors
    • Extraordinary Ability Alien
    • Exceptional Ability Alien (Schedule A-Group II)
    • Green Card for Nurses and Physical Therapists (Schedule A)
    • Green Card for Physicians working in Medically Underserved Area
    • Green Cards for Investors
  • Spouses of Citizens
  • Children of Citizens
  • Parents of Citizens
  • Family Based Permanent Residence Petitions
    • Spouses of Citizens
    • Children of Citizens
    • Parents of Citizens
  • Citizenship Petitions

Our clients include Technology Firms, Manufacturing firms, Research and Development firms, Banks and Financial Institutions, Churches, Athletes, Consulting Firms, Accounting Firms, Hospitals, Staffing Firms, Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers, and School Districts.

We pay great attention to details, and have an extremely high Approval Rate in all categories thus far.

Our services charges are one of the lowest in the country, and our existing clients have experienced Cost Savings of over 50% while working with us.

We specialize in handling large volumes of petitions simultaneously, and our turnaround time is 48 hours for most petitions.

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